Reconnect with Your Child Through A Father-Daughter or Father-Son Retreat

Reconnect with Your Child Through A Father-Daughter or Father-Son Retreat

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When your children are small, father-daughter and father-son activities are abundant. Usually, they are fairly simple, fun, carefree, and easy to manage. After all, to many children, their daddy is their hero.

However, as a child grows and matures, that simple, easy-to-love father-child routine becomes harder to keep and easier to put on the back burner. Life gets in the way for both parent and child, and once things get off track, it can be difficult to realign.

That is why family retreats are so important, and a father-son or father-daughter retreat is a great way to create a blueprint for building the relationship you want with your father, son, or daughter.

Bridge the Generation Gap


The relationship between fathers and their children can easily become strained. While a father is more often the “fun” parent while the kids are growing, their need to dedicate their time to work often leads them out of the loop in their child’s daily life, eventually eroding into a cavern of years filled with unintentional misunderstanding.

So, when the child grows into a teenager and then into adulthood, a generational gap easily blocks the relationship between father and child. The father no longer understands the child, and the child no longer understands the father. This occurrence is usually unintended by both the father and the child, but its ramifications lead to an acquaintance-type relationship, at best.

Fortunately, engaging in a Father-Daughter/Son Retreat help to bridge that generation gap that has formed as you both have matured.

Start Your Relationship Today

All anyone can do is their best. Yet, it is not a good feeling when you wake up one day and realize you don’t know anything about your child or find it difficult to relate to your father.

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait another moment to find the right opportunity to start your new and improved relationship. You can start today by booking a father-son retreat or father-daughter retreat. This 15-session retreat provides a father and daughter or son with direction, tools for self-care, and creative solutions that will enhance family relationships.

Relationships are not formed or healed overnight or even over three nights. However, this father-daughter or father-son retreat is a great place to lay the groundwork for the lasting, healthy relationship you are both comfortable sharing.

Reinforce the Paternal Bond

Fortunately, parent/child retreats are not exclusively for fathers and children who have developed a strained relationships. A father-daughter or father-son retreat can benefit families who want to reinforce the paternal bond and get to know one another better.

This retreat can help you navigate a tough time or serve as a mutually beneficial experience through which father and son or daughter spend quality time together in a serene environment filled with love, acceptance, and understanding.

Call Two Angels, Beatrice Fulciniti and Deborah White today at 917-932-3083 or reserve your customized individual retreat through the website.

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Beatrice Fulciniti, Ph.D., M.Ed, and Deborah White RN MS have been facilitating Transformational Holistic Healing retreats since 2000 for individuals, couples, and families.  One of the unique aspects of these retreats is that they are private, meaning we work with one person, couple or family at a time.

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