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“Just wanted to thank you both.  Our sessions together changed my life!   I got the clarity I needed and feel peaceful now.”      

– R. Caminiti,  NY

“I just want to let you know that I have never experienced more peace in therapy since I have met you and Deborah. Your therapy and techniques are really working. I feel you both are truly life changing.”

– Bianca C.,  Long Island

“Bea and Deb we can’t thank you enough. It is unbelievable the way you both helped us to heal in such a short time. I never thought it could be possible for me and my mom to change our toxic relationship. We are now able to communicate really well. This retreat benefited my entire family and how we relate to each other.”

– Kathleen O.,  Florida

“After 3 days on retreat, Bob and I were able to look at and talk to each other without screaming and yelling. We could hear each other’s point of view and respond with love and kindness. It has been 6 months and our relationship has never been better. Thank you! Our retreat was truly remarkable.”

– Bridget N.,  Pennsylvania

“Thank you! Thank you for helping us to find the answers that were missing in our family. They were right in front of us the whole time but we could not see it ourselves. We had been operating like this for a long time. You both helped our family to understand each other’s beliefs and feelings so that we could heal as a family and stop blaming each other.”

– Frank D.,   New Jersey

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of both of you and how you changed mine and my daughter’s life. You are both amazing women and have found a wonderful and effective way to help people truly make real changes in their lives”

– S.   Ohio

“I want to say thank you again for a productive 4 days away. I feel well rested and ready to tackle these changes in my life.”

– Melissa H, Pennsylvania

“The Couple’s Intensive was amazing. I was on the brink of ending my marriage with no hope in sight. The time spent on individual sessions helped make our group sessions much more powerful. Communication opened up, and our relationship improved dramatically!”

– Mark W., South Carolina

“What a gift! The week I spent with Deb and Bea was truly a life changing experience! Deb and Bea came to me at just the right moment in my life. As I was dealing with some heavy issues, I came to the point where I knew I was s ready to become healthy and whole again. These amazing women guided me to the joy of life that has been there all along. I learned to nourish myself with the positive and to see life as the exciting and wonderful journey that it is. Deb and Bea have found their calling as compassionate leaders. They complement each other so well. Bea taught me about forgiveness while Deb guided me to tune into and trust my intuition. They are powerful healers and empower you to become the wonderful human being that you are. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you. ”

– J.B.

“Dear Deb and Bea, I want to thank you for taking great care of my good friend on her recent retreat to 2 angels. She has been given a fresh, beautiful start to move forward in her life. Some of us are toting a small over night bag as our “baggage” from life’s dealings and some are dragging a steamer trunk. I think Barbara was the later. But because of you two angelical people, she has a much lighter and manageable load. The transformation has not only benefited Barbara but everyone in her life. I hope I have the priviledge of meeting you both one day. ”

– Sincerely, B. in NY

“Once in a while, we step off the path of our true desires and find that the stories we’ve created in our everyday lives no longer fit. It was clear that help was needed, and one Sunday afternoon the Universe provided us with the “Two Angels”. Our request was answered within just a couple of hours and we began the process of regaining our personal strength through phone conversations with Bea and Deb until the time of our visit to Sedona. Once there, we quickly learned that their home was perfect compliment to who they are. Peace, Love and beauty immediately surrounded us along with the most positive energy ever experienced. Within days while under the care of the Two Angels we uncovered the issues, found solutions and ever since we could not be happier. With love, appreciation and knowing that as we continue to develop our relationship and our lives, Bea and Deb will be there assisting and guiding us for years to come.”

– Brenda & Keith

“I felt vey comfortable and safe talking to both of you.  For me, it was most important to talk with someone that I was comfortable with.   During our 2-day intensive, I was able to re-establish communication in our relationship that hadn’t existed in 3 years.”

– Michelle M., Virginia

“Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. It really helps me to focus my energies in a more productive manner so that I can really reach out to others.”

– C.B. California

“Thank you so much for everything. I feel so much better, brighter and clearer in every way.”

– E.T.,  New York

“Bea and Deb you are both beautiful souls. Thank you for believing in my strengths and for teaching me to feel joy again.”

– L.H., Michigan

“I am so thankful for Two Angels Retreats in Sedona. I have stayed there three times already and will be returning for a fourth visit soon. What a beautiful, peaceful getaway. Bea and Deb are gracious hosts and powerful intuitive healers. Their intuitive angel readings and energy healing sessions have helped me tremendously. I always feel so centered and relaxed there, and I always bring that feeling back to the city with me. Thank you for everything. I really do feel like it is my own personal getaway.”

– J.T.,  New York

Bea and Deb-Words cannot express my appreciation for your dedication and devotion to helping me with my marriage. After some failed attempts at marriage counseling, I was skeptical initially about our weekend session. But after hour-long intimate and group sessions, I was amazed at how effective, nurturing and self-healing these sessions were with the both of you. You are both truly amazing people individually and your different personalities truly complement each other during the group sessions. You enabled us to creatively analyze our marriage, search for solutions on an emotional as well as practical level. Thank you, thank you!

– N.B.,  New Jersey

“Sedona is always a mystical experience and visiting with Two Angels added yet another dimension. Separate consultations with Deborah White, RN and with Beatrice Fulciniti, PhD, were affirming, cleansing, powerful and hope-filled. The first session helped me to filter our emotional clutter in order to hear and deeply believe the quiet, ever-present healing guidance within. The second session helped me to seek harmony and rebalance in my Yin and Yang energies, in order to more effectively plug into the rhythms of the outer world, of our external reality.

Thank you again, both of you, for all your healing work. I have now ‘passed’ 4 out of 5 post-treatment tests, and the last one is next month. However, thanks to Bea’s visualization therapy and Deb’s intuitive angel therapy, I already know that I am whole, healthy and feeling stronger and stronger every day. Thank you Deb, and thank you Bea for all of the connecting and processing that you both helped me to achieve. You Two Angels are quite gifted indeed.”

– M.M.,  Alabama