2 Day Mother-Daughter/Son Retreat Online

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2 Day Mother-Daughter/Son Retreat Online
Face to Face From the Comfort of Your Home

Age 16  through adulthood

Parenting is one of the most challenging and important jobs on the planet. It is said that this job doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Whether it’s a teenager or an adult child, the responsibility of parenting and managing other aspects of our lives is extremely challenging.  Thus, this Mother-Daughter/Son Retreat is designed to provide you and your daughter/son with direction, tools for self-care, and creative solutions that will enhance family relationships.

Our integrative approach is designed for highly motivated families ready to make a lasting change. The information, support, and tools you will receive will help you and your child resolve chronic issues within your relationship.

Learn positive communication skills that support loving and harmonious relationships. The Two Angels work with just one mother-daughter/son pair at a time. Therefore, you will learn how to deal with challenging issues specific to your relationship. Together, we will focus on identifying the root cause of the conflict, which will create healing across a variety of issues. Come to discover how to create more joy in your life and relationships with your children or grandchildren. Facilitated by Beatrice Fulciniti, M.S., M.Ed, and Deborah White, RN M.S.

One-hour individual phone consultations prior to retreat
One-hour joint sessions based on your individual relationship goals & needs
One-hour individual sessions based on your relationship goals & needs
One-hour joint phone consultation post retreat

Online Mother-Daughter / Son Retreat $3275
Includes 15 Hours.


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My mom and I have gone from not being able to be in the same room, to scheduling vacation and family time together.  My children are also benefitting because they now have their grandma in their lives.  

– Susan M., Westchester, NY