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Sedona Healing Retreat

Combine your vacation with a spiritual healing retreat!  Two Angels will be offering private healing retreats for individuals and mother / daughter in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. To ensure personal attention and privacy, we work with only one person or one mother / daughter at a time.  Our retreats allow you much needed time and space away from your everyday routine, and the opportunity to look within so that you can create the changes that you would like to see in your life.  Enjoy the amazing natural beauty of Sedona while receiving customized healing consultations with two professionals.  Call now for more information or to book your retreat at 917-932-3083

A personal private retreat can help you to reconnect with your spirit, learn to relax, let go of stress, heal and receive support for making a life transition, etc. Time away will give you just what you need – the opportunity to gain clarity and a new perspective.

Allow us to lead you on a journey of self-discovery that will help you release negative thoughts and behaviors, free your mind for more creative thinking and play, and align you more fully with your life purpose. You’ll leave rejuvenated with practical, new, and exciting ways to experience more peace in your life. So please, accept this invitation, you deserve it.



Three Day

Includes 9 consultations specific to your needs (per person):

*Itinerary sample only.  Consultations may vary.

(1) One hour phone consultation prior to the retreat
(1) One hour energy healing session
(1) One hour intuitive angel reading
(1) One hour meditation training or access your intuition session
(1) One hour stress management session
(3) One hour consultations addressing your individual needs and goals
(1) Phone consultation after the retreat

Accommodations on your own

Total Package Price for One — $2350

Call now for more information or to book your retreat  917-932-3083!

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Three Day

This retreat is designed to provide you and your daughter with direction, tools for self-care, and creative solutions that will enhance family relationships.

Our integrative approach is designed for highly motivated families ready to make a lasting change. You will be provided with the information, support, and tools needed to resolve chronic issues within the family. In addition to coaching, your retreat may include stress management, nutrition education, relaxation, and energy healing, etc., based on assessed needs.

Learn positive communication skills that support loving and harmonious relationships. We will help you to work toward common goals while maintaining both autonomy and connection.  You’ll learn how to deal with challenging relationship issues in a private, relaxing retreat setting.  Discover how to create more joy in your life and in your relationship with your children or grandchildren.  Facilitated by Beatrice Fulciniti, M.Ed., M.S.

(4) One-hour individual phone consultations prior to the retreat.
(6) One-hour joint sessions based on your individual relationship goals & needs
(4) One-hour individual sessions based on your relationship goals & needs
(1) One-hour joint phone consultation post-retreat.

Total retreat price for Two – $3275

Includes 15 Sessions

Call now for more information or to book your retreat  917-932-3083!

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* By submitting payment you agree to our Terms & Conditions as follows:

Refunds will not be provided in the event of cancellation of a Sedona Retreat after January 31st, 2020


“Sedona is always a mystical experience and visiting with Two Angels added yet another dimension. Separate consultations with Deborah White, RN and with Beatrice Fulciniti, PhD, were affirming, cleansing, powerful and hope-filled. The first sessions helped me to filter out emotional clutter in order to hear and deeply believe the quiet, ever-present healing guidance within. The second session helped me to seek harmony and rebalance in my Yin and Yang energies, in order to more effectively plug into the rhythms of the outer world, of our external reality.

Thank you again, both of you, for all your healing work. I have now ‘passed’ 4 out of 5 post-treatment tests, and the last one is next month. However, thanks to Bea’s visualization therapy and Deb’s intuitive angel therapy, I already know that I am whole, healthy and feeling stronger and stronger every day. Thank you Deb, and thank you Bea for all of the connecting and processing that you both helped me to achieve. You Two Angels are quite gifted indeed.”

– M.M.,  Alabama

“Bea and Deb-Words cannot express my appreciation for your dedication and devotion to helping me with my marriage.  After some failed attempts at marriage counseling, I was skeptical initially about our weekend session.  But after hour-long intimate and group sessions, I was amazed at how effective, nurturing and self-healing these sessions were with the both of you.  You are both truly amazing people individually and your different personalities truly complement each other during the group sessions.  You enabled us to creatively analyze our marriage, search for solutions on an emotional as well as practical level.  Thank you, thank you!”

– N.B.,  New Jersey

“We have gotten more out of our retreat with you than we have received during two years of weekly couples counseling! Thank you. You saved our marriage.”

– Brian & Debra M., Illinois