Deb of Two Angels Explains the Benefits of Energy Healing

Deb of Two Angels Explains the Benefits of Energy Healing

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The power of one’s own energy has infused medicinal and spiritual practices for centuries. The insight that the human body is composed of layers of energy is also not new.  Many traditions speak about it and healing energy methods have been practiced for thousands of years throughout the world.  There are many effective forms of Energy Healing that have proven their worth throughout the generations.

Deborah White RN, MS, HNB-BC, is a passionate Energy Healing Practitioner who has always had a gift for Energy Healing. Deb’s other certifications include that of a Holistic Nurse, Intuitive Coach, and Teacher. However, the heart of her passion has always stemmed from Energy Healing. With her other certifications and in-depth education, Deb has found solidarity in the medicinal and spiritual benefits of Energy Healing. Not only has she witnessed people and animals benefitting through Energy Healing, but the foundation of the practice is also scientifically sound.

Here are the benefits that one can expect to reap from experiencing Energy Healing:

Increased Self-Awareness

Outward responsibilities often consume their hosts. Family, jobs, housekeeping routines, and monetary stresses are all valid distractions from our own awareness. However, by straying too far away from our self-awareness, we tend to ignore signs of brewing health issues. These issues can be physical, mental, or emotional issues, unresolved feelings, or pent-up aggression.

Thankfully, Energy Healing will increase your self-awareness. This will help you dig deeper into the root, instead of placating the issue with ultimately useless, short-term diversions. These are a few of the wonderful results of an increased sense of self-awareness:

  • Clarity of mind
  • The shifting and/or healing of difficult emotions
  • An increased ability to receive new insights
  • Greater self-confidence and revitalized enthusiasm for life
  • Better and more consistent mood
  • Inspired awareness and empowerment to access innate creativity and intuition

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Healing

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Instead, it can be redistributed, conserved, or repurposed, into a different state. Although, energy is constantly recycled, never abolished. Energy Healing works to improve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing by redistributing a person’s energy. This trifecta cultivated from this non-invasive redistribution helps redefine the health of the person it is benefiting.

Physical: Energy Healing can be redistributed to focus on many different physical issues. A few of the main benefits include strengthening immune function, gaining more control over chronic health challenges, and pain reduction. Energy Healing facilitates the relaxation response which activates the body’s own amazing capacity to heal.  Additionally, Energy Healing has contributed to better procedural outcomes. This includes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Mental: The redistribution of energy throughout one’s body helps to balance hormones, which leads to increased mental health. The balancing of hormones and increased energy levels that are common through Energy Healing helps control mental instabilities. However, it can also help people who are mentally struggling, due to personal circumstances.

Spiritual: The spiritual benefits of Energy Healing are also a major factor in the success of the treatment. Energy Healing can help to comfort loved ones as well as the transition of a terminal person. Helping to calm their body and redistribute their energy eases their stress, helps them to cope with their circumstances. Ultimately, this helps everyone involved come to terms with the loss.


The assistance of Energy Healing encourages other residual benefits as well. One of the most popular of these benefits is stress relief. Having the energy redistributed throughout a person’s body, helping them physically, mentally and spiritually, plays a role in reducing stress. Literally taking the pressure off the afflicted area and redistributing it results in relief, which lessens tension and thus, stress.

Increased Quality of Sleep

When people feel less stressed, their sleep improves. A person is a system. The overall health of your body, mind, and spirit, powers that system. How a person sleeps at night is a good indication of their overall wellbeing. Only when all is good, do people sleep well.

Energy Healing restores balance to a person’s body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, the result is an increased quality of sleep. When the system of a person’s overall health is at peace, the person will finally sleep well.

In summation, Energy Healing is a powerful tool to help people find the person they wish to be. The benefits of Energy Healing are your guide to finding that person. Energy Healing has enriched the lives of users for centuries and it can do the same for you. Call Two Angels Holistic Retreats and Services at (732) 320-8771 or visit their website.


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Beatrice Fulciniti, Ph.D., M.Ed, and Deborah White RN MS have been facilitating Transformational Holistic Healing retreats since 2000 for individuals, couples, and families.  One of the unique aspects of these retreats is that they are private, meaning we work with one person, couple or family at a time.

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