What kind of benefit can I expect from a healing session?

What kind of benefit can I expect from a healing session? 2013-09-08T23:42:53+00:00

Over a short period of time (several minutes to thirty or more minutes on the average), an opening up of restorative healthy/healthier flow begins to optimize mind-body-spirit health.  Many people report feeling lighter, like a weight has been lifted, and an increased sense of well-being and clarity. There is a cumulative effect of using Intuitive Energy Healing over time and regular sessions are recommended.

  •      Profound relaxation & peace
  •      Strengthening immune function
  •      Better quality of sleep
  •      Clarity of mind
  •      Shifting/Healing difficult emotions in safe manner
  •      Increased energy levels
  •      Less Depression/Anxiety/Stress
  •      Better control of chronic health challenges
  •      Increased ability to receive new insights
  •      Pain reduction
  •      Greater self- confidence & enthusiasm
  •      Improved mood
  •      Greater awareness and empowerment to access innate creativity, inspiration & intuition.
  •      Better outcomes related to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, medical procedures & interventions
  •      Faster wound healing & recovery from injury
  •      Promotes comfort during dying process and supports family members during transition of a loved one