2 Day Private Couples Retreat Online

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2 Day Private Couples Retreat Online
Face to face from the comfort of your home!

Designed for couples/partners who are highly motivated to heal their relationship and ready to make a lasting change. You will be provided with information, support, and tools needed to resolve issues within your relationship.

Learn positive communication skills that support loving harmonious relationships, and enhance self-care. We will help you find win-win approaches to conflict versus win-lose or constant compromise. Since we work with just one couple at a time, you will learn how to deal with challenging issues specific to your relationship. Come to discover how to create more joy in your life and your partnership.  Facilitated by Beatrice Fulciniti, M.Ed., M.S.

One-hour individual phone consultations priorto retreat
One-hour joint sessions based on your individual relationship goals & needs
One-hour individual sessions based on your relationship goals & needs
One-hour joint phone consultation post retreat

2-Day Private Couples Online Retreat for Two $2575 
Includes 15 Hours


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I felt very comfortable and safe talking to both of you.  For me, it was most important to talk with someone that I was comfortable with.  During our 2-day retreat, I was able to re-establish communication in our relationship that hadn’t existed in 3 years.     

– Michelle & Tom  M., Virginia

During our couple’s retreat, we were able to begin the process of building trust in our marriage.  The homework helped me to understand and talk about how I felt in my marriage.  I feel we are on the road to creating a more trusting, and positive relationship.  Thank you so much.

– Warren & Shonda P., Pennsylvania

Thanks you so much for a wonderful retreat.  I have never felt at peace like I do today.  I have continued using the skills that we were taught, and I find them very comforting.  We have begun de-cluttering the house and I am hopeful for the outcome.  Again . . . . .thank you!        

– Aiden & Jennifer R.,  Florida 

We didn’t really know what to expect.  However, you made us both feel comfortable and we accomplished ALOT in 2 days!  We are so grateful.  

– Danielle & Paris, New Jersey

Thank you – the Couple’s retreat was amazing!  I was on the brink of ending my marriage.  The time spent on individual sessions helped make our joint sessions much more powerful. Communication opened up, and our relationship improved dramatically!    We were glad that we opted for energy healing .  In the beginning, we weren’t quite sure how this would help us.  After the sessions, we felt so much lighter, and noticed that we did not react to each other like before.   

– Mark & Kay W., South Carolina