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Reconnect with Your Child Through A Father-Daughter or Father-Son Retreat

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When your children are small, father-daughter and father-son activities are abundant. Usually, they are fairly simple, fun, carefree, and easy to manage. After all, to many children, their daddy is their hero. However, as a child grows and matures, that simple, easy-to-love father-child routine becomes harder to keep and easier to put on the back burner. Life gets in the way for both parent and child, [...]

Mother/Daughter Retreats Help Heal a Pivotal Bond

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The bond between a mother and daughter is sacred. Regardless of whether mother and daughter just spoke to one another that morning, or five years ago, that bond exists. The complex, emotional, and wonderful experience of motherhood ensures that there is always a connection between mother and daughter. In fact, in 2016, the Journal of Neuroscience conducted a study on familial relationships. This study concluded that [...]