Meet the Healing Angels

Meet the Healing Angels

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Twenty years ago, and over two-thousand miles away, Two Angels came to a decision. Deborah White and Beatrice Fulciniti concluded that they wanted to better the lives and relationships of those around them. Thus, after discussing the logistics of their partnership, Two Angels Holistic Healing & Retreat Services was born in Sedona, Arizona.

This is the story of Two Angels who have dedicated their lives, education, and accomplishments in transforming their clients’ lives.

Deborah White

Deborah White RN, MS, HNB-BC, is a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse, gifted Energy Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, and Teacher. White has always had a passion for healing and empowering others. However, White’s true talent lies in helping people find their own unique gifts and use them to enact their own healing regimen.

Deborah White has achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and in Metaphysics, as well as a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition. Therefore, the passion and excitement she has for helping people is backed by medical practice and certifications.

In addition to degrees, White has also undergone training and achieved certification in several energetic healing modalities. These accomplishments have enabled White the ability to utilize a wide range of integrative healing tools throughout her practices.

Beatrice Fulciniti

Beatrice Fulciniti, M.Ed., Ph.D. is an intuitive healer, teacher, and counselor. Fulciniti has achieved a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. Plus, Fulciniti has a Masters’ Degree in Special Education as well as Education, with an advanced certificate in School Psychology.

Throughout the past several years, becoming inspired by her partner, Fulciniti has undertaken the study of alternative healing modalities to complement her traditional training. This includes intuitive counseling, polarity therapy, energy bodywork, and meditation.

However, this is not far from her first inspiration to help people. Throughout Fulciniti’s career, she has helped clients find peace within themselves and transform their lives for the better. Fulciniti has helped many of her clients overcome both emotional and physical issues. Ultimately, Beatrice Fulciniti wants to do whatever she can to help her clients create the life they desire.

“When our lives are balanced, it enriches our health and relationships,” Fulciniti said, “I believe everyone has the power to heal.”

Two Angels

The Two Angels first became Co-founders of Accept Holistic Health and Learning Center in Staten Island, New York. The friendship of the angels grew, as did their realization that together, they could do so much good. Thus, the result was Two Angels Holistic Healing & Retreat Services, founded in 1998.

Together the Two Angels work on enhancing the lives of their clients through retreats, information, real-world application, and holistic practices.

These practices include:

  • Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling
  • Polarity Therapy
  • Integrative Energy Therapy
  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

After culminating a successful business in Arizona, the Angels knew that they needed to come back home. Therefore, they packed up and moved themselves and their business to New Jersey, where they currently reside.

In summation, the Two Angels are excited and confident that they can make a difference in each of their client’s lives. The angels enjoy creating a safe, supportive environment. Of course, they understand that everyone is different and throughout their experience, they have dealt with a plethora of personalities. Deborah White and Beatrice Fulciniti can help clients build the life and relationship they want while honoring the clients’ beliefs. The Two Angels know that the journey of self-satisfaction is not always simple. However, it is obtainable and with a lifetime of experience, White and Fulciniti believe that taking time out .

For more information about the Two Angels, or to schedule a retreat, visit their website or call 917-932-3083.


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