Keeping Love Alive: Ways to Show Affection Every Day

Keeping Love Alive: Ways to Show Affection Every Day

keeping love alive

There are many ways to say, “I love you.” Despite that, keeping love alive takes work. Much like communication, excitement, and happiness, this is another aspect of a relationship that needs daily care and nurturing.

However, that does not mean always showing big gestures of love and affection. Often, it is a culmination of the simple things that mean the most.  The secret to keeping love alive is how you interact daily and how you show your partner you love them.  Here are a few simple ways to show your affection every day. day.

Tell Your Loved One You Appreciate Them

It is always nice to say the words, “I love you,” but often those words become habitual. You say them when you leave for work in the morning when you hang up the phone and various times throughout the day. While that is another excellent show of affection, telling your partner that you appreciate them is also important. Both you and your partner likely have your daily duties and often, they become routine. Therefore, taking the time to tell your partner how much you appreciate everything they do breaks up that routine. It helps your partner know that you are not simply running a rat race. Rather, the efforts they put forth every day is still noticed and cherished.

Leave a Note

There is something special about a handwritten note. So often, everyone gets so focused on their lives, they forget to acknowledge their partner. Yet, when you take the time to think about all the contributions that your partner makes to your relationship, you realize that nothing would be the same without them.  Their love and support is nourishing and instrumental in helping you to get through difficult times.  By leaving a note that is cute, romantic, funny, or otherwise enjoyable to your partner, you are brightening their day.  It is a small gesture but do not underestimate the positive power it holds.

Hold Hands

Intimacy in a relationship is vital. However, intimacy does not always have to be displayed on Saturday night. It can be portrayed in simple, sweet shows of affection. When you are walking with your partner, hold their hand. If you are watching a movie, put your arm around them. Offering these small, but powerful gestures of affection reinstate how you feel about them, without having to say a word. When you show small forms of affection in public, such as holding hands, it reinforces your bond. Anyone can do anything behind closed doors. By using a public opportunity to sweetly reinforce your affection is a powerful statement that will always be noticed.

Love is the greatest emotion. Spending your life with someone is not always easy. Although, if you both put the work in to keep your love alive, you will be granted a great gift. True love is beautiful.  By using these simple ways to show your affection for your partner every day, you will create a beautiful life.

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Beatrice Fulciniti, Ph.D., M.Ed, and Deborah White RN MS have been facilitating Transformational Holistic Healing retreats since 2000 for individuals, couples, and families.  One of the unique aspects of these retreats is that they are private, meaning we work with one person, couple or family at a time.

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