Two Angels Explain How to Connect with Your Children

Two Angels Explain How to Connect with Your Children

1. Be Present for your children. Make them a priority. Look at them
when they are talking and pay attention to what they are saying. Be grateful that
they are telling you things about their day.

2. Show Affection hug, kiss and put your arm around your children everyday.

3. Praise Good Behaviors Everyday no matter how small. Avoid negative criticism. Instead, make positive and constructive statements regarding behaviors that are unwanted.

4. Set Aside Time for Family Fun. Enjoying games, sports and other pleasurable activities together creates the opportunity for all family members to interact positively.

5. Open Communication Schedule time each week with your family to discuss issues. Teach and encourage your children that it is safe to express their feelings in an appropriate manner.


Beatrice Fulciniti, MS, MS Special Ed, PhD is a retired school psychologist
who has been working with children and their families for 28 years. She offers
individualized counseling, parent support programs and holistic healing retreats
for families and individuals. Beatrice can be reached at 917-932-3083 and

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