The Two Angels’ Guide to Preparing for the Holidays

The Two Angels’ Guide to Preparing for the Holidays

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The holidays are a time for family, friends, togetherness, and being thankful for all that you have. However, anyone who has ever done any preparation for the holidays knows that it isn’t all fun and games. There is a significant amount of stress applied to the holiday season as well. Although we love our family, everyone together in one room can be challenging. As we are all aware, no family is perfect. Therefore, to make the holidays a joyful occasion, there are a lot of preparations to be made.

Besides basting the turkey, setting the table and figuring out the placements, there are more internal preparations. What might not be clear is that the holidays, as well as busy, are also mentally and spiritually taxing. Therefore, the Two Angels are sharing their tips to mentally and spiritually prepare for the holidays.

Let Go of the Past

Throughout life, there are things that happen that are out of our control. Whether they were done by us, or to us, we need to forgive before moving on. Making a conscious decision to let go of the past and focus on the future helps to free your soul. Forgiveness is something that we give ourselves, regardless of whether the responsible party deserves it or accepts it.

This is an important thing to do throughout the year, but it is especially helpful in preparing for the holidays. Family members do and say things they don’t mean, and years can go by without it being forgiven. Making this the year that you let go of all past grudges is going to enlighten you. It is going to help you look forward to getting to know the people you forgave again. Plus, it will fill you with the hope of a brighter, more productive future.

Take Time to Enjoy the Season

The holiday season is a beautiful time of the year. However, when we are too busy with the material aspects of the holiday, we miss the point. Instead of simply going through the motions, prepare for the season by taking the time to enjoy it. The holidays are busy and sometimes, taking the time to do what you want during the holiday season seems impossible. Yet, appreciating the season is the only way to truly rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Whatever you choose to do can be grand, or small. It can be simply spending a quiet night with your family or doing something because you enjoy it. The important thing is that you take a minute, step back from the craziness of the holidays and relish it.

Celebrate Within Your Means

A lot of the stress from the holiday season spawns from monetary constraints. Even a small, intimate family celebration comes at a price tag. Yet, remember that the point is to be with your family. Do not celebrate outside of your means. Your family wants to spend time with you and you want to spend time with them. So, make a nice meal and create a cheery holiday. However, do not get overly obsessed with the material aspect of it. The point is to appreciate what you already have and spend time with those you love. If you have that, your holidays will be magical.

Act with a Happy Heart

Acts of kindness are done from your soul. People know when you are simply going through the motions or if the act is done with a happy heart. Sometimes this can be difficult. Although, by letting go of past pain and embracing the spirit of the holidays, your soul will sing with kindness. Acting with a happy heart throughout the holiday spirit is the best way to receive true and lasting fulfillment. So, instead of just going through the motions, only do what you want to do, having forgiven and started anew.

Although the holidays can be mentally and spiritually stressful, they are a wonderful time of the year. By following these preparation tips, you will be primed for merry tidings and holiday cheer.

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Beatrice Fulciniti, Ph.D., M.Ed, and Deborah White RN MS have been facilitating Transformational Holistic Healing retreats since 2000 for individuals, couples, and families.  One of the unique aspects of these retreats is that they are private, meaning we work with one person, couple or family at a time.

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