What might I experience during a healing session?

What might I experience during a healing session? 2013-09-07T12:37:37+00:00

The first part of the healing session is spent talking about your concerns, what you are currently experiencing in your life and what you hope to accomplish. After learning about your healing intentions, beliefs and preferences, we will begin the actual healing.  This part of the session is typically done in silence (or with quiet music) to help promote the relaxation response and other possible healing responses.

We will end the session with a brief follow-up phone call to discuss possible plans of care to maintain the momentum of healing that has occurred.  Typically clients express a feeling of increased flow of energy and renewed sense of balance and clearing by the end of a session, (or within a day or so afterward). Most recipients experience deep relaxation and peace, which supports healing at physical, emotional mental and spiritual levels of being.