Conscious Connecting Workshop for Couples

Conscious Connecting Workshop for Couples

Do you love your partner deeply but somehow miss the mark when it comes to communicating about important things? Does it seem like your partner just doesn’t get you sometimes? Conscious Connecting for Couples is an introductory workshop that assists couples to communicate more deeply, with less reactivity. You will learn and practice several effective skills that will help you to create a more loving, supportive, and satisfying relationship. You can also easily use these skills with your children and in other relationships.

In this workshop you will:

Practice listening more deeply to each other

Experience being fully heard, understood and received by your partner

Gain skills that will help you to connect with your partner

This is a small group setting; since it is not a private therapy session, we, therefore, can not spend unlimited time assisting any individual couple. However, we purposely keep the group size small, which allows us to be available to all participants if they have any questions and/or may need assistance with the exercises.

Facilitated by Beatrice Fulciniti, Ph.D. and Deborah White RN MS, Conscious Connecting for Couples workshops are offered monthly in Red Bank, NJ. Next workshop on Saturday, September 30th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Limited to 8 people.  $50/person. To reserve your space or to learn more, call 917-932-3083. Visit

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