Anger Management Tips for Parents

Anger Management Tips for Parents

1.  Learn to be a good listener, quietly asking your son or daughter about their day at school, friends, social activities and concerns or problems.  Children want to be heard and understood in an accepting nonjudgmental atmosphere.


2.  When you see that they are visibly upset about something, explore that area by calmly asking more focused questions or inviting discussion.


3.  Let your kids know in clear terms which behaviors will not be tolerated, such as the use of profanity, throwing things, slamming doors, or refusing to cooperate with homework or chores.


4.  Anger management tips might include rewards for self-control and appropriate anger processing.  Rewards could be extra time on the computer, telephone, television or reduced household chores for that week.


5.  Let your teens know that you are on their side, but as they mature, they must be responsible for managing emotions including anger, in adult-like ways that are socially acceptable.


6.  If you feel that your children are starting to display signs of uncontrolled rage, call a psychologist or a counselor for help ASAP so that your child could express how he or she is feeling and to learn appropriate ways to deal with their feelings.


Beatrice Fulciniti MS Ed, MS SpecEd, Ph.D

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Beatrice Fulciniti, Ph.D., M.Ed, and Deborah White RN MS have been facilitating Transformational Holistic Healing retreats since 2000 for individuals, couples, and families.  One of the unique aspects of these retreats is that they are private, meaning we work with one person, couple or family at a time.

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